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As a businessman I rely on the services of Ms. Matyasik’s Law Firm and to be true I’m satisfied. Knowledge, promptness and promptness. I can recommend it to further clients with pleasure.
My complicated civil bankruptcy case is being prosecuted with a great involvement. I’m very grateful for their help, and the fact they agreed to deal with my case. Matyasik – Feluś, the Counselor is a good experienced lawyer. I recommend.
Małgorzata D.
Warm thanks to the whole team for a successfull dealing with my civil bankruptcy case. I recommend the services of Ms’ Magdalena Matyasik Law Firm.
Iwona P.
A Professional law firm I can frankly recommend. A trustworthy group of experts you can rely on.
I agree with the preceding speaker. They have dealt with my civil bankruptcy case successfully. I am extremely grateful for their help.
Only experts in civil bankruptcy working at this Law Firm. Represented me with success. Thanks to them I’m able to lead a debtless easy living.
Aleksandra P.
I recommend their law services. They are very knowledgeable experts actually. Won my court case.
Karolina W.
I do sincerely recommend. This team of experts has done its best to resolute my complex case, successfully.
I recommend. A perfect service, totally professional, honest. Really knowledgable and skilful staff. One more time: I recommend!
Chairman of the Board
The legal representation of my partnership was lead in a comprehensive and upright way. A responsive reaction for any legal troubles turning up, with a view to find the best resolution. I recommend sincerely.
Anna from Kraków
My inheritance case prosecuted quickly and efficiently. I recommend.
I’m so grateful. I owe my life to this Law Firm. It has saved my family too. Just a perfect service, competent, professional. Human approach towards everyone. The staff knowledgable and truly skilled. I recommend!
Katarzyna W.
I’m very content with the services of the Law Firm. My divorce case prosecuted swiftly and professionally. Madame Magdalena Matyasik – Feluś is an experienced and knowledgeable Counsellor.
Wiktor H
I was a victim of an unfortunate event. The law firm dealt with my complicated case on pursuing compensation. We won, I can try to cure myself finally and basically recover. Professional and nice staff with the human approach.
Magda Kowalczuk
Thank you for the help and support. A genius law firm! I recommend!
I had been fighting with the Inland Revenue Office for 8 years, thank you so much, we won, pure genius. I recommend.
Magda Jaroń
Simply efficient! Finally a fair law firm. I strongly recommend!
Kotar Rafał
I do recommend, a very good law firm, professional and timely service.
No babbling, just specific action. I recommend!!!!
I recommend. As for the bankruptcy of my previous company… no comment. This law firm has given me a new lease of life and joie de vivre.

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