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Magda and Piotr Ż.
Thanks the Lord for the help of Madame Magda and this law firm. I doubt my family and I would be alive without their help.
Private Individual
The Lady Lawyer was dealing with a case of my flat. She has analysed the entire complex and elder docsets in an extremely precise and faithful way, which has played a crucial role in succeeding in the court process at the end of the day. I am fond of this cooperation, thus I can strongly recommend this Law Firm – so swift in solving any law problems. The prices are affordable for the client, a great deal of won cases furthermore.
Marcin M.
I recommend using the services of this Law Firm. Truly precise and argumentative staff. Efficiently lead cases, affordable prices. Non problematic contact, the lawyer always calls back if needed. Really great at family- and inheritance law, divorce cases as well as debt recovery.
Piotr from Katowice
If you wish to succeed in, having the cases and the process lead honestly, you can trust this law firm. My friends, my family and I, and many other recommended people cooperate with this law office and everyone is satisfied.
Mieczysław K.
A great contact, high competence, full commitment to the case. I had had some lawyers taking care of my company before, part of them were just average, another part quite good. But the thing is, Law Firm Legal Counsel of Magdalena Matyasik- Feluś is the best of them all, due to its quality, approach and promptness. A complex service in a variety of areas facilitates the cooperation and shortens the time needed for giving a closer look into different cases. I will use its service regularly I’m sure. I can recommend to everyone.
I recommend this law firm! Its service is professional and inexpensive. Super!!
Maria Kowal
Finally there appeared a genuine law firm available for everyone in the city.
Most and foremost they win the processes.
I’ve been the client and I can recommend, the lawyers well up in the law, proficient in any field. Truly human approach.
Katarzyna O.
A professional law firm, nice staff. I recommend
I’ve been searching for help at many law firms already, unfortunately, always mislead and disappointed. Here I came without any hope, exhausted from the people, the faith, the law and of course my ex-lawyers. In spite of my doubt, here they did help me. I was on the bottom but thanks to this law office I did bottom out, have my own company, keep functioning normally and living for real. Thank you
Good, efficient, argumentative, effective. That’s it.
Tomasz from Katowice
An honest, competent, professional, listening actively and patiently to the client’s case, feisty and totally ravishing in the courtroom, she’s a guarantee of success. I recommend!!!!
Magda M.
I do strongly recommend!!! The person worth recommendation, good contact, fully professional, got family law in her little finger If anyone is searching for a good lawyer, actually their search is over, really worth it!!!!
Karol F.
I recommend this Law Firm. The lawyers here don’t extort money for any mere trifle as some other firms in Kraków do. It’s an honest firm!

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