Radca prawny Magdalena Matyasik Feluś 22

Magdalena Matyasik – Feluś – Attorney at Law

A graduate of law at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. In 2002, she has passed the judge’s exam at the Court of Appeals in Katowice with a positive result. In the years: 2003-2005 she held the position of bailiff trainee in the Bailiff Office run by Zdzisław Kruszewski, the Bailiff at the District Court for Kraków – Nowa in Kraków. Since 2006, she has been successfully leading the individual practice of a legal counsel. She is a member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Kraków.

Her professional activity is centred on various aspects of law. She is a specialist in proceedings in the field of civil bankruptcy, so-called debt relief and building law, i.a. pursuing claims against developers under the warranty for physical defects of the building. She feels self-assured in matters regarding security and enforcement proceedings either.

She provides comprehensive services for entrepreneurs – commercial law companies with their registered offices in Poland and abroad.

As for her professional practice, she implements skills acquired during the judges’ application and as an assessor in the capacity of bailiff with a great success.

At work she is following the principles of the legal counsel’s ethics, individual approach towards the client, professionalism and commitment. Due to her knowledge and reliability, she enjoys respect and acclaim of clients and co-workers.

In private, she is keen on World War II literature and Krakow Opera. She is fond of healthy lifestyle and physical activity, i.a. long distance running as well as bicycle trips.


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