Bona Artis Law Firm conducts a legal audit at the request of business entities, aimed at partial or comprehensive legal analysis of the company . As a part of the legal audit we carry out the following activities:

– analysis of the compliance of the entity’s activities with legal regulations,
– analysis of the organization and operation of the entity, i.a. managing bodies,
– analysis of the real estate’s legal status,
– analysis of the legal status of chattel and other property rights,
– transaction security analysis,
– employment analysis in relation to applicable labour legislation,
– analysis of administrative, court and enforcement proceedings,
other commissioned activities ordered by the client.

2. We also conduct legal audits in enterprises with regard to the correct implementation of the provisions of the GDPR being in force from May 25, 2018.

As a part of the RODO audit, we undertake the following activities :

– conducting inspections in the company and indicating the areas to be completed,
– preparation of a detailed post-control report together with recommendations,
– preparation of documentation for implementation,
– preparation of a security policy,
– preparation of relevant annexes of contracts for employees adapted to the RODO,
– other necessary activities essential for proper implementation and application of the RODO procedure.

Check and make sure that your company is prepared for external entities control regarding the correct implementation and application of the RODO procedure.

– insightful and practical evaluation of business operations allowing corrective action be taken at the right time,
– possibility of estimating planned transactions in terms of risk (constitutes a hedge against loss of the company’s financial liquidity),
– possibility of providing legal reassurance against unfavorable transactions,
– employment analysis,
– legal protection and the possibility of implementing comprehensive legal solutions.


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