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Bona Artis Law Firm provides a comprehensive legal aid for natural persons and business entities. The highest quality of the services we provide is guaranteed by Law Firm Group consisting of experienced solicitors. Thanks to our rich experience and long practice in supporting individual clients and business entities, we can assure you, we are able to represent you successfully in any court, administrative either mediational case.

The operation of Bona Artis Law Firm centres upon two major aspects:

Individual Client’s Support

In terms of this aspect we deal with cases assuming: civil and criminal law, labour legislation as well as administrative law. The Law Firm is specialized in civil bankruptcy cases, so-called debt relief process. Law Firm Group is well experienced in supporting cases regarding Swiss franc credits, i.a. abusive clauses appearing in these credit contracts.
With full engagement and success we support cases related to family law and ecclesiastical ascertainment of nullity of marriage in the Metropolitain Courts. We can also lead you with pleasure through the labyrinth of Inheritance law regulations, e.g. judicial declaration of inheritance, the sharing-out of the estate as well as claims for legitime. We can support you at any level of legal proceedings. We would like to invite you to learn more about our service

Entrepreneur’s Support

It relies on comprehensive and modern legal support for people running a business. For any legal problems we react in an innovate and responsive way. We are always searching for the best and most effective solutions. We conduct comprehensive activities in the area of registration of companies and other business entities, ongoing legal services and the transformation of commercial law companies in Poland and abroad. We have experience in handling cases for payment and pursuing civil law claims pursuant to art. 299 of the Code of Commercial Companies and subsequent ones.

In the operations of Entrepreneur’s services, the main goal of Bona Artis Law Firm is implementing unconventional, made-to-measure for each entity legal solutions enabling its proper functioning in the course of trade.
The Law Firm is also prearranging for providing legal services in English.
We would like to invite you to take advantage of our services and learn more about our offer

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Our mission

Bona Artis Law Firm provides legal services at the highest level. Our mission is legal assistance addressed to individual clients and business entities. Thanks to many years of experience we represent our clients successfully in common and administrative courts, departments during negotiations and mediation proceedings. At our work, we are always guided by the principles of professional ethics. The aim of the Bona Artis Law Firm is also to enable the access to legal advice to indigent people. For this purpose the team of the Law Firm provides legal advice pro bono. The Law Firm also focuses on the continuous improvement and professional development of its employees. Due to the above, the team of the Law Firm participates in numerous industry trainings and participates in scientific conferences as speakers and listeners. We always want to provide our customers with the best quality of services. Thus we cooperate, among others with: Atominium translation office, the Cracow Union accounting office, the Compensum Law Firm, the Notary Law Office – notary public Barbara Miśkiewicz and the Canon Law Office specializing in the conduct of cases regarding the ascertainment of nullity of church marriage.

We are doing our best to provide our clients with the highest quality of services, to that end we cooperate with:


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